I Like Food. Food Tastes Good.

Listen, we like food. A lot (probably too much but we won’t talk about that). Most of you do too and that’s why we make it a point to join forces with some of the region’s best food trucks and mobile bakeries to bring you the very best in locally-sourced, fresh, creative, and most importantly, delicious food offerings to each of our flea markets.

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How To Become A Vendor

The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is held three times per year and hosts over 200 vendors from eight states with more than 250 tables. Items being sold range from original art and all things vintage to independent clothing lines, taxidermy and plenty of other unique collectibles and curio. Here's how to become a vendor...

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Shop with the devil

We pride ourselves on not only creating cool and fun gear based on both original and classic punk designs but producing merchandise on quality product. Call us knuckleheads, but it matters to us that your shirt look primo AND feels good when you’re rocking it. 

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